15 Blogs That Are A Must Follow If You’re A Storyboard Artist

It’s always good to get new ideas now-and-then to give you a push when you’re a little low on new ideas, especially as an storyboard artist looking for agency representation. It does not matter how experienced you are; you will benefit from looking at fresh perspectives. Animation blogs are a great way to improve your current skills. They are also a great source of learning material for future animators as they are very educational. One advantage of animation blogs is that they ensure you stay up to date on new techniques used—they area great resource for anyone who needs to learn what animation entails.

There are numerous blogs to choose from, and you may have a hard time deciding which ones are worth following. Here are some of the best animation blogs in the world. These are blogs that will definitely up your animation game and give you some motivation as well.

1. 3D Artist

This also doubles as a magazine and has material that any lover of visual effects, modeling, and motion graphics will find extremely useful. There are tutorials, essential tips, and incredible resources that have been given by experts in this world, so you know that you will find something useful here. There are also image galleries that you can look through. The blog has a section for News and Features, where you can see the current trends in the animation world, news on animation software, and the newest products in the industry.

2. 3dtotal

This is an excellent site if you love being a 3D animator. There are special features that have information that you could find useful and free tutorials and galleries. Suppose you wish to test your skills, one of the blogs you can have because they have contests to submit your work. This is an amazing community because the numerous discussions and challenges are substantial. There are even some critiques to help you improve your tasks.

3. Animation Magazine

This covers everything happening in the world of animation. Some of the information you can get here is monumental. They have articles on digital media, licensing, visual effects, and reviews by expert techs. The blog also gives followers access to movie guides, event calendars, and job boards.

4. Animation Mentor

This is an excellent blog because the creators made it specifically to address the challenges that upcoming animators in the industry face. It gives expert advice that is inspirational for anyone that is looking to venture into the animation scene. It is full of tips, guides, tutorials, and advice from expert animators.

5. Animation World Network

This is the largest publishing group on the internet covering all the on-goings in animation. It is suitable for all animators and gives you information on the most current animation news in the field, the developments of CGI and other techniques, animator profiles, and licensing details. It is also recommended for anybody seeking a job in the animator niche.

6. AnimSchoolBlog

This is a fabulous blog if you aim to get new skills and learn new techniques that have emerged. If you want to learn about the newest tricks, then this is the spot to check out. The blog posts monthly and has tutorials from pros in the game. The topics are diverse and can provide an animator with unique tools for the job.

7. Canadian Animation Blog

This blog began in 2008 and was initially a platform for Canadian animators to display their talents and new ideas. Over time, it changed and has now become one of the best resources for animators globally. It is educational and inspirational, mainly from the storyboards, event coverage, interviews with the best in the industry, and numerous galleries.

8. Cartoon Brew

This is a platform that has been operational since 2004. It has a ton of content for animators interested in the newest trends in computer animation techniques, traditional techniques, and visual effects. You can also get the latest news from several animation empires like Dreamworks, Pixar, and Disney.

9. I Want To Be an Animator

This is the best blog if you are a beginner in this world. It is also advantageous if you need to remember the basics. The blog is written by a pro in this field, having been in the industry for a decade. It is what makes the blog uniquely equipped to help you if you need to sharpen your skills. It contains lessons in animation techniques given in video tutorials, graphics, and easy-to-follow guides. There are also exercises that you can do if you want your skills to improve.

10. Motiongrapher

This blog contains inspirational material for animators as well as designers and filmmakers. You can find emotional work from the best animation studios here. The videos also have analyses of animation videos that happen in discussions. It is a great learning tool for any animator. The blog also contains tutorials, various coverage of animation events, and a ton of inspirational material.

11. On Animation

This blog highlights inspirational animation content that every animator that wants to be the best in the field should look. There are videos posted daily, tidbits of wisdom from the industry’s pros and analyses from experts. The content is numerous and well-organized so that you can find particular topics whenever you need to. The blog also has information on training programs for animators, industry news, and upcoming gadgets used in the industry.

12. Stash

This is a blog targeted at those that want inspiration and various examples of animation. This blog has the world’s largest online sources of information on animation, design, and visual effects. The site charges a certain amount if you want to access the story, but you will not regret it. If you would rather not pay, you can also get inspirational material from the blog’s homepage, specifically examples of animations and designs.

13. The Animation Blog

This blog has over a decade of information established back in 2007. It is a reliable place to shop for music videos, TV and movies, and short animated films. It has information n 2D and 3D animation and is organized in categories, so it is easy to navigate.

14. Traditional Animation

This has the best inspirational material for animators interested in hand-drawn animation and graphics. The blog has a show where you can check out interviews with animation pros and lessons from experts. It also has forums that users can engage in.

15. Upcoming Pixar

This blog was established in 2004 and contained the most recent news concerning Pixar films. With a forum that has over 5,000 members, it is an exceptional tool for learning the latest and upcoming releases from the animation giants.